VSB Public Forum on MoE Cuts to AE Courses and Funding–June 20th, 7:00pm 1580 W. Broadway, VSB Ed. Bldg. Please Attend!

Recently, Trustee Allana Wong and Mike Lombardi, supported by the Board as a whole, passed a motion to call on the Minister of Education, George Abbott, along with other MLA’s, MP’s, teachers, students, and concerned citiznes regarding the recent Ministry of Education cuts to funding for adult education ‘graduated adult’ students.

Such continued cuts, which began shortly after the Liberals implemented the Education Guarantee, will affect the most vulnerable and marginalized students within society and within our adult education system. (a more detailed description of this is available in an earlier post).

Such cuts represent a short-sighted, ill-conceived “plan” of staggering ignorance on the part of this government to recognize and capitalize on long-term growth potentials. By reducing opportunities for British Coumbians to retrain, re-qualify, and generally work via education to improve their career standings and prospects this government is failing British Coumbians, and unnecessarily perpetuating the instability and insecurity of this provinces workforce.


Because these short-sighted cuts come at a time when there are projected growth by Stats Can (in BC) of children aged 0-4, when the elderly population is growing fastest in BC and nearing retirement, and where many industries in BC have stated specifically their need for new, highly skilled and trained, workers due to these retirements amidst this coming period of recovery and growth after the recession. (for more on this see today’s Vancouver Sun–A1, 4, & 11; and the G&M A 6& 7 based upon recent StatsCan results).

How will people retrain to get into these fields if the government, through the MoE, is limiting the available courses that facilitate entrance into institutions offering these courses?

It is well established that ‘it pays to go to school‘, yet the MoE wants to limit opportunities–an economic and socially myopic attitude, yet an attitude that will affect us ALL in the very near future (and, in the G&M).

This government is, yet again, failing to see, understand, or plan for the future. It is failing the average British Columbian, it is contributing to continual under-employment, it is eroding the opportunities for British Columbians off all but the most elite income levels.

So, please come to this meeting so we can stop these cuts to AE–just one conduit to helping secure a better future for BC.

From the VSB website:

“The VSB is also planning to host a Adult Education Forum on June 20, 2012 at 7 PM at the VSB’s Education Centre (1580 West Broadway) to discuss the impact of the changes on both students and teachers.”

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